The list below lists:

  • Authors/Speakers with conflicts of interest
  • Authors/Speakers without conflicts of interest
  • Speakers who will provide financial disclosures on-site

Authors/Speakers with conflicts of interest


1. Royalties from a company or supplier
2. Speakers bureau/paid presentations for a company or supplier
3a. Paid employee for a company or supplier
3b. Paid consultant for a company or supplier
3c. Unpaid consultant for a company or supplier
4. Stock or stock options in a company or supplier
5. Research support from a company or supplier as a PI
6. Other financial or material support from a company or supplier
7. Medical/Orthopaedic publications editorial/governing board
8. Board member/committee appointments for a society
9. Other support
First name Last name COI
Celeste Abjornson 3b. Camber Spine Tech, Centinel Spine, RTI Surgical, SpineBioPharma 4. Orthobond Corporation, SpineBioPharma 8. Camber Spine Tech
Sameh Abolfotouh 2. Medtronic, Depuey Synthes, General Electric 4. Medtronic
Ali Ekrem Adiyaman 5. Project no: AOS-Startup-21-037 was supported by AO Foundation, AO Spine is a clinical division of the AO Foundation – an independent medically–guided not–for–profit organization based in Davos, Switzerland.
Joseph Aferzon 3b. Atec Spine 4. Atec Spine
Nitin Agarwal 1. Thieme Medical Publishers and Springer International Publishing
Todd Alamin 1. Spinal Elements 2. Globus 3b. Medtronic, DePuy, Empirical Spine 8. Empirical Spine 9. Fellowship Support from Omega
Ahmet Alanay 1. ZimVie 3b. Globus Medical, ZimVie 5. Depuy Synthes, Medtronic
Md Yousuf Ali 8. Joint Secretary, Bangladesh Spine Society
Mohamed Ali 8. associate member of AOKnowledge forum trauma
Mauro Alini 7. JOR Spine Editorial Board
Ram Alluri 3b. Ecential Robotics 4. Stock Options from HIA and Mirus 7. Senior Reviewer for IJSS, Deputy Editor for Global Spine Journal
Luca Ambrosio 8. EORS
Christopher Ames 1. Stryker Spine, Biomet Zimmer Spine, DePuy Synthes, NuVasive, Next Orthosurgical, K2M, Medicrea 3b. DePuy Synthes, Medtronic, Medicrea, K2M, Agada Medical, Carlsmed 5. Titan Spine, SRS, ISSG, DePuy Synthes 9. Operative Neurosurgery, Neurospine - Editorial Board, ISSG - Executive Committee, Global Spinal Analytics – Director, SRS Safety and Value Committee - Chair
Neel Anand 1. Medtronic, Globus Medical, and Elsevier 3b. Medtronic, DePuy-Synthes, Spinal Simplicity, Spinal Balance, and Viseon 4. Globus Medical, Atlas Spine, Paradigm Spine, TheraCell, Spinal Balance, Spinal Simplicity, and Viseon
Kristin Archer 3b. Past consulting fees from Pacira and current consulting fees from NeuroSpinal Innovation Inc. 5. Past contract with NeuroPoint Alliance Inc., 8. Honorarium from Spine as an editorial board member.
Nelson Astur 2. Medtronic, DePuy Synthes, Implanet 7. AOSpine LatAm 8. AOSpine LatAm Research Officer
Waleed Awwad 8. Saudi Spine Society , not related to this congress
Greiner Axel 6. The study was financially supported by Arthrex
Carlos Bagley 1. royalties from K2M/Stryker
Lorin Michael Benneker 3b. Icotec, Kuros, Silony 5. Sentryx 8. AO Spine, Swiss Orthopedics
Roee Ber 4. Chiefy Inc
Ferenc Bereczki 9. The following research was supported by: New National Excellence Program of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary, financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund (ÚNKP-22-3-II).
New National Excellence Program of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology from the source of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund (ÚNKP-21-5).
János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungarian Scientific Research Fund grant Budapest, Hungary, (OTKA FK123884), by the Doctoral Student Scholarship Program of the Co-operative Doctoral Program (C1014064)
The financial support from these funding bodies is gratefully acknowledged.
Pedro Berjano 1. Nuvasive 5. K2M - DePuy J&J - Nuvasive   9. Honorarium: Nuvasive - Medacta - Alphatec - K2M
Shay Bess 1. Nuvasive- royalties, research support, K2 Medical/stryker- consultant, royalties, research support 3b. Alphatec- consultant 5. Nuvasive- royalties, research support, DePuy Synthes Spine- research support, Medtronic- research support, International Spine Study Group, Foundation- research support, Globus- research support, Orthofix- research support, SeaSpine- research support   9. Nuvasive- royalties, research support, DePuy Synthes Spine- research support, Medtronic- research support, International Spine Study Group Foundation- research support, Globus- research support, Orthofix- research support , SeaSpine- research support 
Chetan Bettegowda 3b. Depuy-Synthes, Bionaut Labs 4. Haystack Oncology, Galectin Therapeutics, OrisDx, Privo Technologies
Nitin Bhatia 1. Alphatec, spineart, seaspine 3b. Alphatec, spineart, seaspine
Sebastian Bigdon 3a. Inselspital University Hospital Bern 5. AO Spine, Knowledgeforum on Trauma 8. AO Spine, Knowledgeforum on Trauma (Associate Member)
Bas Bindels 6. Received funds from Philips Medical Care (Best, the Netherlands) for spinal navigation related research. However, the current research abstract was not funded by Philips, neither were they involved in conducting the study.
Frank Boehm 1. TruSpine Technologies, Plc. 3c. TruSpine Technologies, Plc. 4. TruSpine Technologies, Plc. 5. TruSpine Technologies, Plc.
Heinrich Boehm 1. Medicon company, Tutling, Germany
Louis Boissiere 3b. Mediccrea/Medtronic, Neo, Euros
Duccio Boscherini 3c. Medtronic, Johnson and Johnson
Jamie Brannigan 3b. Clinical science consultant for Synchron. This brain computer interface work is unrelated to any spine research being conducted.
Richard Bransford 2. Globus, Depuy-Synthes 6. AO North America Funded Fellowship
Gregory Brusko 1. Please see AAOS for full list of disclosure.
Brandon Bucklen 3a. Globus Medical Inc. 4. Globus Medical Inc.
Douglas Burton 1. Blue Ocean Spine- 3b. DePuy Synthes Globus 9. Progenerative Medical-Stock 
Zorica Buser 5. SeaSpine (past, paid to the institution), Next Science (paid directly to institution), Motion Metrics (past, paid to the institution), NIH SBIR grant past, NIH SBIR Subaward, MAX BioPharma, NIH R01 (faculty, paid to institution), MiMedx (research support paid to institution), Nexus Spine (research support paid to the institution), AO Spine grant (research support paid to the institution) 7. Advisory board: Medtronic 8. North American Spine Society: : Research Project Management Committee (Vice chair), Section on Biologics & Basic Research (Co-chair), Lumbar Spine Society: Co-chair Educational Committee, AOSpine Knowledge Forum Degenerative: Steering committee member, AOSNA Research committee- committee member
Vicki Butenschön 3b. Brainlab
Gaston Camino-Willhuber 8. Associate member AOSpine Knowledge Forum
Jose Canseco 7. Wolters Kluwer Health - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: Editorial or governing board
John Carrino 3b. Covera Health - Consultant, Globus Medical, Inc. - Consultant, Image Biopsy Lab - Consultant, Pfizer - Consultant, Simplify Medical - Consultant 6. Image Analysis Group - Advisory Board, Carestream - Advisory Board
Adrian Cavalcanti Kußmaul 6. The study was financially supported by Arthrex
Daniel Cavanaugh 3b. AlphaTec
Jens Chapman 3b. Globus 5. Globus 7. Global Spine Journal Editorial Board Member
Kshitij Chaudhary 7. Bombay Orthopaedic spine society 8. Bombay Orthopaedic Spine Society
Masaaki Chazono 7. Deputy editor of Japanese society for spine surgery and related research 8. Board member of Japanese society for spine surgery and related research, Board member of Japanese scoliosis society, Board member of Japanese spinal instrumentation society
Girinivasan Chellamuthu 8. Editorial board member of IP International Journal of Orthopaedic Rheumatology. 
Benjamin Chen 5. Tyber Medical
Kuo-Tai Chen 3c. Maxmore, GmBH
David Cheng 2. SI-Bone 8. NASS – Education Council/CME Committee, NASS – Research Council / Clinical Practice Guideline Committee, Spine Intervention Society – Evidence Analysis Committee, American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Medical Education Committee
Ivan Cheng 1. Nuvasive, Globus Medical, Spine Wave 3b. Nuvasive
Daniel Cher 3a. Employee of the manufacturer of triangular titanium implants (SI-BONE, Inc.)
Samuel Cho 1. Globus Medical: IP royalties 3b. SIBone: paid consultant, ATEC: paid consultant 5. Medtronic, Cerapedics 6. Globus Medical: fellowship support 8. AAOS: Board or committee member, American Orthopaedic Association: Board or committee member, AOSpine North America: Board or committee member, Cervical Spine Research Society: Board or committee member, North American Spine Society: Board or committee member, Scoliosis Research Society: Board or committee member, AOSpine International: Board or committee member
Dean Chou 1. Globus 3b. Globus
Stipe Corluka 2. Baxter, Safe Orthopaedics 3b. Medtronic 6. Support for attending meetings and/or travel by the Croatian Society of Vertebrology
Cristian Ricardo Correa Valencia 8. Latinamerican Endoscopic Spine Surgery Society (LESSS)
Gregory Cunningham 6. NeuroSpine Foundation who coordinate and manage the patient database receive institutional support: Life Health Care, NuVasive, Signus
Matthew Cyriac 2. Globus Medical, Medtronic, Stryker 3b. Alphatec Spine, Medtronic
Scott Daffner 3b. Bioventus 4. Pfizer, Amgen 5. Bioventus, Orthofix 8. AO Spine, NASS, CSRS, LSRS
Benny Dahl 3b. Stryker
Alan Daniels 1. Medtronic/Medicrea- royalties, Spineart- Consultant, royalties, Southern Spine- Consultant, royalties 3b. Medtronic/Medicrea- Consultant, fellowship support, royalties, Stryker- Consultant, Spineart- Consultant, royalties, Southern Spine- Consultant, royalties
EOS- Consultant, Orthofix- Consultant
Sukdeb Datta 7. Section Editor, Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Pain Physician Journal 8. Treasurer, Society for Interventional Pain Management Surgery Centers, Board Member, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
Marinus De Kleuver 3b. Medtronic 8. Vice President of the Scoliosis Research Society, AO Spine KF Past-Chairman
Nicolas Dea 8. AOSpine Knowledge Forum Tumor, Steering Committee member and Early Career Representative of the Section on Spine Oncology Advisory Council, NASS Executive board member CSS, Inter-liaison Chair
Joost Dejaegher 5. Medtronic Research grant
David Del Curto 8. Latinamerican Endoscopic Spine Surgery Society (LESSS)
Andreas Demetriades 8. President, EANS (European Association of Neurosurgical Societies); AO Degen Knowledge Forum, SG member; Global Neuro Foundation, Board Member
Bart Depreitere 5. Research Chair Johnson&Johnson 2016; Research Educational Grant Medtronic 2019 7. Brain & Spine, Neurocritical Care 8. EANS Trauma and Critical Care Section chairman, Eurospine: member of Task Force Research, Eurospine: member of Spine Tango Task Force
Charanjit Singh Dhillon 7. JOCR 8. ASSI - India
Armando Díaz 2. Speaker for MEDTRONIC
Ashish Diwan 1. Kunovus PL 2. 3M 3b. NuVasive Australia 4. Merunova Pty Ltd 6. Unrestricted support for fellow education form Globus Medical 8. Past Chairman, AUSNZ AOSpine; Trustee, AO Foundation Davos
Georg Duda 9. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Marcel Dvorak 1. Aesculap: IP royalties – paid to individual, Atlas Spine: IP royalties – paid to individual, Jaypee: Publishing royalties– paid to individual, Medtronic: IP royalties– paid to individual, SpineWave: IP royalties– paid to individual, Stryker: IP royalties– paid to individual 3b. Thieme: Publishing royalties, financial or material support, DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company: Consultant paid to individual, Gerson Lehrman group: Consultant paid to individual, Guidepoint global: Consultant paid to individual, Globus Medical: Consultant paid to individual, Innovative surgical design: Consultant paid to individual, Nuvasive: Consultant paid to individual, Orthobullets: Consultant paid to individual, SpineWave: Consultant paid to individual, Stout Medical: Consultant paid to individual, Stryker: Consultant paid to individual   4. Advanced Spinal Intellectual Properties: Stock/stock options, Computational Biodynamics: Stock/stock options, Cytonics: Stock/stock options, Dimension Orthotic: Stock/stock options, Electrocore: Stock/stock options, Flagship Surgical: Stock/stock options, FlowPharma: Stock/stock options, Franklin Bioscience: Stock/stock options, Gamma spine: Stock/stock options, Globus Medical: Stock/stock options, Innovative surgical design: Stock/stock options, Insight Therapeutics: Stock/stock options, Nuvasive: Stock/stock options, Paradigm spine: Stock/stock options, Parvizi Surgical Innovations: Stock/stock options, Prime surgeons: Stock/stock options, Prime surgeons: Stock/stock options, Progressive spinal technologies: Stock/stock options, Replication medica: Stock/stock options, Spine Medica: Stock/stock options, Spinology: Stock/stock options, Vertiflex: Stock/stock options 7. Clinical Spine Surgery: Editorial or governing board, Spine Journal: Editorial or governing board 8. Sentryx: Board membership, AO Spine: Board Membership
Robert Eastlack 1. Globus, SeaSpine, and Aesculap 2. Radius 3b. Vasive, SeaSpine, Aesculap, SI Bone, Medtronic, Stryker, Carevature, and Biedermann Motech; 4. NuVasive, SeaSpine, Alphatec, and Spine Innovation 5. SeaSpine, Medtronic, and NuVasive 9. patents with Globus, Spine Innovation, and Stryker
Ibrahim El Bojairami 9. Financial support (grant) from McGill University and the Fonds de Recherche du Quebec - Nature et Technologies
Sanford Emery 5. Medtronic
Juan Emmerich 3b. Educational Advise to the J&J Educational Institute Latam 7. GSJ Deputy Editor 8. AOSpine Latam Regional Chair
Michael Fehlings 9. Senior Scientist, Krembil Research Institute (Krembil); Head, Spinal Program, Toronto Western Hospital, UHN; McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, UHN; Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto; Vice Chair Research, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto; Co-Director, Spine Program, University of Toronto; Member, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto; McLaughlin Center in Molecular Medicine, University of Toronto
Pedro Fernandes 2. Stryker, Medtronics, Johnson & Johnson
Richard Fessler 1. Spinal Elements 3b. DePuy-Synthes, Spinal Elements, Orthofix 9. Coj-owner: In Queue Innovations, LLC
Charles Fisher 1. Medtronic 3b. Medtronic, Stryker, 4. Proprio 5. Medtronic, Depuy-Synthes, AO Spine 7. Spine Journal - Associate Editor 8. AO Spine - Research Commission Chair, Medical Advisory Board Proprio 9. Fellowship Support
Medtronic, AONA, Depuy-Synthes
Peter Försth 2. Lecturers' fee from Johnson & Johnson
John France 2. DePuy Synthes 8. AO Spine
Jochen Franke 3c. Siemens Healthineers 7. European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery 8. Working Group on Intraoperative Imaging and Technology Integration (AGiTEC) at the German Association of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
Kai-Ming Fu 4. SI Bone, J&J, Globus, and Atlas
Enrico Gallazzi 8. Board Member for Eurospine Programme Commitee
Raymond Gardocki 3b. Teaching surgeon and consultant for Joimax. Teaching and consulting surgeon with royalties from Integrity Implants. Consultant for Arthrex. Consultant for Nuvasive.
Timothy Garvey 1. Medtronic 
Matthew Gary 3b. Depuy 5. Tyber Medical 8. Georgia Neurosurgical Society
Matthew Geck 4. Diffusion 5. Medtronic 9. Unpaid board member: SpineHope
Daniel Gelb 1. DePuy Synthes Spine 4. Advanced Spinal Intellectual Property
Paul Gerdhem 7. Co-editor of Acta Orthopaedica 8. Board member of the Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons steering committe
Michael Gerling 1. Integrity Spine, SurgAlign Technologies 3b. Nexus Spine, SurgAlign Technologies 8. Cervical Spine Research Society (past)
Jula Gierse 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
Panos Gikas 9. Author PG uses tumour implants in his clinical practice
Enrique Augusto Gobbi 2. NUVASIVE
Vijay Goel 1. Globus 4. Spinal Balance, OsteoNovus. 5. NSF, spider spine, Rosie’s base, Airforce, Rainbow Medical, Truspine Technologies, Plc.
Oscar González 8. Sociedad Chilena de Neurocirugía 
Christopher Good 1. Stryker/K2m; Medtronic 3b. Stryker/K2M; Medtronic 4. Augmedics; NSite
C. Rory Goodwin 3b. Medtronic 9. Deputy Editor, Spine
Matthew Goodwin 1. Kendall Hunt Publishing 3b. Augmedics 3c. Stryker 4. MERCK, Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, JNJ 5. KAIA health 8. AO Spine Community Development, NASS Spine Oncology, AO Spine Knowledge Forum - Tumor
Paul Alfred Grützner 3c. Siemens Healthineers 8. German Association of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics, AO Technical Commission Expert Group „computer integration expert group” (CIEG) 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
Anthony Guanciale 7. Editorial Board of SpineLine
Jeffrey Gum 1. Acuity – Royalties, Medtronic – Royalties, Nuvasive 3b. Acuity – Consultant, Royalties, Mazor - Consultant , Medtronic – Consultant, Royalties, Advisory, Depuy -Consultant, Nuvasive – Consultan 4. Cingulate – Stock, less than .1% 5. National Spine Health Foundation – Medical / Scientific Board
Munish Gupta 1. DePuy Synthes, Medtronic, Alphatec Spine, Innomed, 3b. DePuy Synthes, Medtronic, Alphatec Spine 4. Johnson and Johnson, P&G, perForm Biologics 6. Medicrea, OMeGA, AO Spine, SRS, MIzuho 9. DePuy Synthes, Medtronic - advisory board
Munish Gupta 1. DePuy; Innomed, Globus 3b. DePuy (d/b/a Medical Device Services Inc.); Medtronic; Globus; Alphatec began and ended 2019 4. J&J; P&G (sold 2020) 8. Scoliosis Research Society 9. Grants: AO Spine; OMeGA paid to the institution for fellowship, Advisory: DePuy, Honorarium: AO Spine 2020, LSU Grand Rounds 2020, Wright State 2021, Malaysia Spine, Society 2021, Voluntary: National Health Spine Foundation Scientific Advisory, Travel: DePuy (d/b/a Medical Device Services Inc.); Medtronic; Alphatec 2019; Medicrea 2019; Mizuho 2019; SRS; AO Spine; Globus 2019, Zimmer   
Raymond Hah 1. Royalties- NuVasive 3b. Consultant- NuVasive 5. Research support (paid to institution): SI-BONE and ATEC 7. Editorial board: GSC 8. Committees: NASS, LSRS
Colin Haines 3b. Medtronic; Globus Medical; Spineart; Innovasis
Benjamin Hajnal 9. Supported by the Doctoral Student Scholarship Program of the Co-operative Doctoral Program of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary, financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.
D. Kojo Hamilton 9. https://disclosure.aaos.org/search
Azmi Hamzaoglu 3b. Medtronic
Meisel Hans-Jorg 1. Fehling Instruments GmbH 3b. Stayble Therapeutics Via Regenerate Life Sciences GmbH, Mundipharma Via Regenerate Life Sciences GmbH, 4. Spinplant GmbH
Darrell Hanson 1. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, 2. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, Medtronic Sofamor Danek 3b. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, Medtronic Sofamor Danek
Alister Hart 5. Author AH receives institutional support from NuVasive to independently collect and analyse retrieved MCGRs 9. Author AH uses massive acetabular implants in his clinical practice.
Robert Hart 1. Globus- personal fees, consulting, speaker, royalties; Seaspine- personal fees, consulting, royalties; DePuy Synthes- personal fees, consulting, speaker, royalties, research support 3b. Globus- personal fees, consulting, speaker, royalties; Medtronic- grants, consulting; Seaspine- personal fees, consulting, royalties; DePuy Synthes- personal fees, consulting, speaker, royalties, research support; Allosource- consulting; PropioVision- consulting; Orthofix- consulting 9. Medtronic- grants, consulting; Seaspine- personal fees, consulting, royalties; DePuy Synthes- personal fees, consulting, speaker, royalties, research support; Misonix- research support; CSRS- board member; ISSG- Executive Committee; ISSLS- board member; OHSU- patent
Ahmed Hassan 5. AOSpine Start-up Grant 2021
Hamid Hassanzadeh 2. Nuvasive, Orthofix 3b. Nuvasive 4. Nuvasive 5. Orthofix
Nathanael Heckmann 3b. Intellijoint Surgical, MicroPort Orthopedics 4. Intellijoint Surgical 8. American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS)
Aldemar Andres Hegewald 3b. Surgalign
Stefan Hellinger 3c. Spinendos ; Elliquence
Anne-Katrin Hickmann 3b. BrainLab
Alan Hilibrand 1. Amedica: IP royalties, Biomet: IP royalties 4. Paradigm spine: Stock options/stock 8. AAOS Board/committee member
Harry Hothi 6. Research group receives institutional level funding from NuVasive
Ken Hsu 4. Sparktek Medical Technology 
Serena Hu 4. Nuvasive 7. GSJ: Deputy Editor 8. Scoliosis Research Society, American Orthopedic Association
Vanessa Hubertus 9. Personnel funding: "BIH Charité Clinician Scientist Program", Research support: "Berliner Krebsgesellschaft 2021" , Project support: "Spine Tumor Academy"
Matthew Hunt 3b. Nordson Medical 3c. Synerfuse
Ibrahim Hussain 3b. 3DBio 5. AO Spine
Cassim Igram 3b. Medtronic and AlloSource
Basem Ishak 7. Deputy Editor: Global Spine Journal
Tariq Issa 3c. EDGe Surgical, Inc. 8. Illinois State Medical Society - Board
Keita Ito 3b. NC Biomatrix BV 7. Global Spine Journal, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 8. World Council of Biomechanics
Bradley Jacobs 3b. Stryker, Depuy-Synthes and Cerapedics
Ehsan Jazini 3c. Stryker; Medtronic; Innovasis
Kristen Jones 3b. SI BONE, Medtronic
Frank Kandziora 8. DWG, Eurospine
Rishi Kanna 8. AO Spine KF member
Adam Kanter 1. NuVasive and Zimmer Biomet
Manish Kasliwal 8. NASS/SRS Committees
Kohl Katharina 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
So Kato 5. Baxter
Yoshiharu Kawaguchi 9. Health and Labour Science Research grant (grant number 201610008B); and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development grant (grant number 16ek0109136h0002).
Sabik Kayastha 7. Nepal Orthopaedic Association Journal
Khaled Kebaish 1. DePuy Synthes: Consultant, Royalty 3b. Stryker: Royalty, DePuy Synthes: Consultant, Royalty , Orthofix: Royalty, SpineCraft: Royalty
Michael Kelly 7. Spine 8. Scoliosis Research Society, Cervical Spine Research Society, AO Spine
Christopher Kepler 1. Inion: IP royalties 5. Regeneration Technologies, Inc.: Research support 7. Clinical spine surgery: Editorial or governing board
Michael Kern 6. NeuroSpine Foundation who coordinate and manage the patient database receive institutional support: Life Health Care, NuVasive, Signus
Asham Khan 9. Received research grants from the Scoliosis Research Society to study scoliosis in Chiari patients and from the Neurosurgical Research & Education Foundation (NREF) to study bupivacaine pain pumps in patients undergoing spinal deformity correction.
Safdar Khan 5. Tyber Medical
Han Jo Kim 1. K2M-Stryker – Royalties, Zimmerbiomet – Royalties 3b. Zimmerbiomet – Consultant, Nuvasive – Consultant 5. Research Funding – ISSGF, SI-BONE 8. Editorial Board – GSJ, ASJ, Operative Neurosurgery, HSS Journal 
Jin-Sung Kim 4. Amplify Surgical, USA; Entertake, Korea 5. Korea Health Industry Development Institute; Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea   7. Global Spine Journal, Neurospine 8. AOSpine MIS TaskForce; NASS Governance Committee; NASS MIP Committee; SMISS: International Director; SMISS AP: Co-president 9. The corresponding author, Jin-Sung Kim, is a consultant of Richard Wolf, GmbH, and Elliquence, LLC. 
Sang-Il Kim 5. CG bio
Young-Hoon Kim 5. CG Bio Inc.
Ceren Kizmazoglu 8. Turkish Neurosurgical society
Frank Kleinstuck 2. Depuy Synthes 5. Depuy Synthes
Eric Klineberg 3b. DePuy- consulting, Stryker- consulting, Medtronic- consulting 5. AOSpine- fellowship support, Board Member 8. AOSpine- fellowship support, Board Member 
Manoj Kodigudla 5. This research was conducted through funding to the University of Toledo from TruSpine Technologies, Plc.
Eugene Koh 3b. Biomet
Dimitriy Kondrashov 1. Spineart 2. SI Bone, Spineart 3b. SI Bone, Spineart 5. AO Foundation 
Mark Kotter 8. Co-founder of Myelopathy.org; Member of the Steering Committee, Spinal Cord Injury Forum 9. Support by the Cambridge NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Cooperative; Funded by a NIHR Clinician Scientist Award CS-2015-15-023
Sandro M. Krieg 3b. Nexstim, Brainlab
Naresh Kumar 7. Reviewer for European Spine Journal 8. PASMISS
David Kurland 4. Chiefy Inc
Virginie Lafage 1. NuVasive 2. Stryker, Implanet, Johnson and Johnson 3b. Alphatec, Globus Medical 8. ISSG, SRS
Rodney Laing 8. Member of the International Advisory Board for Neurosurgery
Dariusz Latka 2. Novaspine
William Lavalle 2. TruSpine Technologies, Plc. 3b. Chairman of Medical Advisory Board, TruSpine Technologies, Plc. 4. TruSpine Technologies, Plc. 7. Contributing Editor, the Spine Journal
Aron Lazary 1. Sanatmetal Kft., Hungary 2. Sanatmetal Kft., Hungary 8. AOSESA; AO Spine Knowledge Forum on Tumors 9. Supported by the ÚNKP-21-5 New National Excellence Program of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology from the source of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.
Darren Lebl 1. Nuvasive, Inc. - Royalties; Stryker - Consultant; Royalties 3b. Depuy Synthes- Consultant 6. HS2, LLC- Ownership Interest; ISPH II, LLC – ownership interest; Remedy Logic – Advisory Board; Ownership interest; Vestia Ventures MiRus Investment LLC- Ownership Interest; Viseon, Inc.- Consultant; Ownership Interest; Woven Orthopedic Technologies - Ownership Interest
Joseph Lee 2. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company: Paid presenter or speaker, Stryker: Paid presenter or speaker
Yu-po Lee 2. Globus 3b. Globus
Ronald A. Lehman 1. Medtronic, Stryker 3b. Medtronic 6. Department of Defense
Matin Lendhey 3a. Globus Medical Inc. 4. Globus Medical Inc.
Lawrence Lenke 1. - Medtronic - Acuity Surgical 3b. - Medtronic - Monies donated to a charitable foundation - Acuity Surgical - Monies donated to a charitable foundation - Abryx - Monies donated to a charitable foundation 5. - Scoliosis Research Society - Grant support, monies to institution - Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation - Grant support, monies to institution - AO Spine - Grant support, monies to institution 6. -AO Spine - Fellowship support to institution 9. - Broadwater - Reimbursement for airfare/hotel - Scoliosis Research Society - Reimbursement for airfare/hotel - Evans Family Donation - Philanthropic research funding from a grateful patient/family - Fox Family Foundation - Philanthropic research funding from a grateful patient - AO Spine - Reimbursement for airfare/hotel
Manon Levayer 3a. Employee of Merunova Pty Ltd
Jean Christophe Leveque 2. Nuvasive 3b. Nuvasive 8. Scoliosis Research Society
Stephen Lewis 3b. Stryker, Depuy Synthes, Medtronic 6. Fellowship support, Travel 8. AO Spine Knowledge Forum Deformity Chair, AO Spine Research Commission 9. Program support Stryker, Depuy Synthes, Medtronic, Spine Vision
Breton Line 9. International Spine Study Group- independent contractor 
Yu-Cheng Liu 3a. Daniel Cher and W. Carlton Reckling are employees of the manufacturer of triangular titanium implants studied herein. No other author has a conflict.
Philip Louie 1. Thieme, Springer, Elsevier 8. AO Spine, Scoliosis Research Society, Cervical Spine Research Society
Vijay Kumar Loya 7. Asian Spine Journal - Reviewer 8. Asia Pacific Spine Society - Online Education
Steven Ludwig 1. DePuy Synthes, K2m/Stryker 3b. DePuy Synthes, K2m/Stryker 4. Innovative Surgical Designs, Advance Spinal Intellectual Property 5. Baxter Research grant, AO Spine North America, American Orthopaedic Association
Jonathan Mahoney 3a. Globus Medical Inc. 4. Globus Medical Inc.
Eric Mandelka 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
Rex Marco 1. Globus Medical 2. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company
Christopher Martin 5. SI-BONE, AO Spine 6. Medtronic, Stryker
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Ágoston Jakab Pokorni 9. This work was supported by the János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund grant Budapest, Hungary, (OTKA FK123884), by the New National Excellence Program (ÚNKP-21-5) and by the Doctoral Student Scholarship Program (C1014064) of the Co-operative Doctoral Program of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary, financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.
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Jeffrey Rihn 1. Globus medical inc 4. Xtant medical 7. Deputy Editor, the spine journal
Ricardo Rodrigues-Pinto 6. Support for attending meetings and/or travel by Depuy Synthes
Laurens Roolfs 9. Personnel funding by "Deutsche Studienstiftung"
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Justin Scheer 9. Please see https://disclosure.aaos.org/search for full disclosures.
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Masood Shafafy 9. Surgeon author MS uses the devices investigated in this study in their clinical practice
Christopher Shaffrey 1. Medtronic, NuVasive, Zimmer Biomet 3b. EOS Imaging, Medtronic, SI Bone, NuVasive 4. NuVasive 5. DePuy Synthes, K2M, Medtronic, NuVasive
Ayush Sharma 8. ASSI, BSS
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Kyle Sheldrick 3a. Merunova Pty Ltd 4. Merunova Pty Ltd 5. AO Spine, Davos, Switzerland 8. Associate member - Knowledge Forum Degenerative, AO Spine 9. This work was funded through an AO Spine Design and Innovation Award
Ajoy P Shetty 8. AO Spine Chairperson India
Dipak Shrestha 7. Nepal Orthopaedic Association Journal
Matt Silva 8. Orthopedic Research Society
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Laura Snyder 3a. Paid consultant for Medtronic, Nuvasive, and Globus Medical. No relation with regards to the current work submitted. 7. Editorial Board of Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine. 8. Executive Committee for Congress of Neurological Surgery.
Björn Sommer 1. Penumbra inc. 2. Penumbra inc. 3b. Penumbra inc. 5. Penumbra inc. 6. Penumbra inc.
Maarten Spruit 8. Chairman of AO Technical Commission Spine and Executive Board
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John Stokes 1. Genesys 4. Diffusion 9. Private investment Summit Medventures
Gina Suh 7. Journal of Bone and Joint Infection 
Vetter Sven 8. Working Group on Intraoperative Imaging and Technology Integration (AGiTEC) at the German Association of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
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Stewart Tucker 9. Surgeon author ST use the devices investigated in this study in their clinical practice
Máté Turbucz 9. The project leading to the scientific results was funded by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund grant Budapest, Hungary, (OTKA FK123884), by the Doctoral Student Scholarship Program of the Co-operative Doctoral Program (C1014064), and by the ÚNKP-21-5 New National Excellence Program of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology all financed from the source of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund. Furthermore, by the János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and by the European Commission (766012-SPINNER-H2020-MSCAITN-2017), The financial support from these funding bodies is gratefully acknowledged.
Jay Turner 1. Please see AAOS for full list of disclosures.
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B.J. Van Royen 2. Medacta
Aditya Vedantam 8. AO Spine Knowledge Forum Member 9. AO Spine Young Investigator Grant, Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Research Grant
Jorrit-Jan Verlaan 3a. Cofounder of SentryX 4. Cofounder of SentryX
Anne Versteeg 9. Research support AOSpine international
Michael Virk 3b. DePuy Synthes, Brainlab, and OnPoint Surgical 4. OnPoint Surgical
Jeffrey C. Wang 1. Royalties – Biomet, Seaspine, Synthes, Novapproach 4. Investments/Options – Bone Biologics, Pearldiver, Electrocore 7. Editorial Boards - Global Spine Journal Editor-in-Chief 8. Board of Directors - AO Foundation, National Spine Health Foundation 9. Fellowship Funding (paid to institution): AO Foundation
Marjorie C. Wang 3b. Medtronic Biologics 7. JNS Spine
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Chi-Hung Weng 3a. aetherAI Co., Ltd.
L. Erik Westerlund 3b. SeaSpine - General consulting, Surgeon Advisory Board, NuVasive - General consulting, design-engineering, Orthopedic Designs North America (ODi) - Design engineer team (ALIF)
Ian Whittle 5. Mainstay Medical
Justine Wolf 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
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Pang Hung Wu 2. Baxter, J and J 3c. Bonss 6. Next of kin works as a supplier of endoscopic spine technology 7. JMISST, Medicina 8. Asia Pacific Spine Society 9. Spouse is CEO of a distributor company which distributes medical equipment which includes Orthopaedic and Spine equipment
Chao-Yuan Yeh 3a. aetherAI Co., Ltd. 4. aetherAI Co., Ltd.
Chun-Po YEN 3b. NuVasive 5. NuVasive
Caglar Yilgor 3b. Medtronic
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Elizabeth Yu 5. Tyber Medical
Nurullah Yuceer 8. Turkish Neurosurgical Society
Juan Jose Zamorano 2. Speaker and faculty for DePuy Synthes 3a. Speaker and faculty for DePuy Synthes
Felix Zimmermann 9. The research group MINTOS had grants/grants pending and technical support from Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) and Nuvasive Inc. (San Diego, USA). The funders had no involvement in the study conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, the decision to publish or the preparation of the manuscript.
James Zucherman 3b. Ivivi, Benvenue, Nocimed 3c. Spine 21 4. Nocimed, Spine 21, benvenue, Ivivi, Rio Grande, Sparktek, Active Implants
Scott Lawrence Zuckerman 3b. Dr. Zuckerman reports being an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant for the National Football League.

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Jorge Cabrera
Juan P. Cabrera
Magalie Cadieux
David Cadotte
Xiaoyu Cai
Sofia Caldeira Dantas
Andre Calderaro
Matt Callahan
Tucker Callanan
Heinen Camilla
Frank Cammisa
Patricio Campos Carrasco
Kamila Rayane Campos Lopes
Tiago Canas
Gustavo Canessa
Lucia Canestrari
Gina Canlas
Matteo Capozza
Paolo Cappabianca
Jessica Vilarinho Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso Afonso
Luis Eduardo Carelli Texeira da Silva
Preston Carey
Abby Carey-Ewend
Sandro Carletti
Eugene Carragee
Manuel Carrapatoso
Leah Carreon
Elisa Carretta
Fernando Carrillo
Gabriel Genaro Carrioli
Miguel Cartagena
Alfredo Carvalho
André D. Carvalho
João Carvalho Pereira
Silvia Casadei
Kristina Casos
René Castelein
Filipe Castelo
Luis Castelo
Andre Castilho
Leyton Hernán Catari Mallea
Benjamin Catoe
Carlotta Cavallari
Giuseppe Cavallo
Giulia Cavazzoni
Davide Cecconi
Igor Ebert Cechin
Dejan Čeleš
Tosca Cerasoli
Meghan Cerpa
Mehmet Cetinkaya
Imen Chaabeen
Aspen Chadderdon
Edwin Chaharbakhshi
Eya Chahed
Houssem Eddine Chahed
Mirna Chahine
R . Dileepan Chakrawarthi
Evan Chaladoff
Poornpan Chalermkitpanit
Gregory Chamberlin
Uphar Chamoli
Alvin Chan
Andrew Chan
Justin Chan
Hani Chanbour
Calvin Chandler
Philip Chandler
Dong-Gune Chang
Angelo Changas
Anastasios Charalampidis
Raphaële Charest-Morin
Antoinette Charles
Panupong Chatareeyagul
Sourav Chatterjee
Daksh Chauhan
Diana Chavez
Chih-Wei Chen
Jeffrey Chen
Kun-Hui Chen
Matthew Chen
Meng-Kan Chen
Po-Chao Chen
Se-Yi Chen
Shih-Hao Chen
Shin-Fu Chen
Tan Chen
Wei-Cheng Chen
Wen-Hsien Chen
Xuanjie Chen
Yu-Han Chen
Yu-Hung Chen
Yuxiang Chen
Joseph Cheng
Po-Lung Cheng
Yunzhong Cheng
Ines Cherif
Ievgen Cheshuk
Alexander Cheung
Angela Cheung
Jason Cheung
Kenneth Man Chee Cheung
Gem Chew
Zhihong Chew
Harvinder Singh Chhabra
Erika Chiapparelli
Takashi Chikawa
Brian Chin
Dongkyu Chin
Jeng-Fong Chiou
Cheng-Di Chiu
Ka Ioi Argus Chiu
Yong-Eun Cho
Dae Jung Choi
Elliot Choi
Jeffrey Choi
Junyoung Choi
Kyung-Chul Choi
Seonghan Choi
Theodore Choma
Ranjeet Choudhary
Jacek Chowaniec
Navid Chowdhury
Peter Christiansen
Alex Christianson
Sean Christie
Nic Christodoulou
Raschka Christoph
Spang Christoph
Becker Christopher
Timothy Chryssikos
Justin Chu
Kasia Chua
Wang Chun-chieh
Andrew Chung
Brian Chung
Giovanni Ciani
Chiara Cini
Raffael Cintean
James Clark
Michelle Clarke
Ari Clements
Patrick Codd
Fabio Cofano
Alex Coffman
Ashley Cole
Michael Collins
Shea Comadoll
Domenico Compagnone
Jose Consciência
Chad Cook
Jared Cooke
J. Cool
Filipa Cordeiro
Lea Cordes
José Alfonso Corona De la Torre
Rodrigo Coronel Fuentealba
Ana Lucinda Correia
Bárbara Costa
Paulo Costa
Aurelien Courvoisier
Josephine Coury
Kofi Cox
Matthew Coyle
Georgina Crate
Alexander Crawford
Zachary Crawford
Francesco Crispo
Luca Cristofolini
Andrew Croft
Carole Cruz
João Cruz
Rodrigo Cruzeiro
Jesus Cruz-Garza
Shari Cui
Thomas Cummings
Daniel Cummins
Gráinne Cunniffe
Selim Daas
Uros Dabetic
Aditya Dahapute
Shih-Hsiang Dai
Elisabetta Dal Gal
İsmail Daldal
Enrico Dall'Ara
Villiam Dallolio
Jonathan Dalton
Tara Dalton
Samir Dalvie
Dini Sri Damayanti
Charlotte Dandurand
Kerry Danelson
Nicholas Danford
Jose Dangond
Jackson Daniel
Giuseppe D'Antonio
Nicholas D'Antonio
Ahmed Amine Daoued
Mehdi Darmoul
Henrique Darmstadter
Stacey Darwish
Gregory Daubs
Michael Daubs
Pooja Dave
Claudia Davidson
Benjamin Davies
Victor Davila
John Dawson
Federico de Iure
Rafael De La Garza Ramos
Matthew De la Paz
Carlos De La Torre
Raffaele De Marco
Steven de Reuver
Godard de Ruiter
Maximo de Zavalia
Hiroshige Debata
Austin DeBoer
Azra Dees
Azra Deez
Helton Defino
Juan Del Castillo-Calcáneo
Francisco Del Pont
Grigorios Delaportas
Nader Delavari
Diyar Delawi
Giulia Delbue
Catia Pompea Delfinis
Andrea Della Valle
Edward DelSole
Joshua Demb
Vincenzo Denaro
Yaolong Deng
Anton Denisov
Lisa Depledge
Yurii Derkach
Rajiv Dharnipragada
Anthony di Giorgio
Anna Di Laura
Giuseppe Di Perna
Paolo Di Russo
Mohammad Diab
Elias Diarbakerli
Alessandro DiChirico
Nicholas Dick
Grasset Didier
Bassel Diebo
Gilles Dietrich
Eric Dilbone
Hongtao Ding
Zihao Ding
Sara Diniz
Bruno Direito Santos
Rohde Dirk
Alexander Disch
Jared Doan
Yusuke Dodo
Ammar Dogar
Stjepan Dokuzovic
Calista Dominy
Bruno Domokos
Stephanie Dompeling
Hart Donahue
Eve Donnelly
Eshan Doshi
Marc Dreimann
Mark Driscoll
Elizabeth Driskill
Caroline Drolet
Bastian Dronkers
Pingguo Duan
Alessandro Ducati
Rune Dueholm Bech
Marlene Dufvenberg
Siril Teja Dukkipati
Ashley Duncan
Welsey Durand
Atahan Durbas
Murugesh Easwaran
Brent Edwards
Janick Eglauf
Alexander Eickhoff
Joshua Eisenberg
Ashraf El Naga
Amr Elbahi
Benjamin D. Elder
Ananth Eleswarapu
Haithem Eleuch
Mohamed El-Farra
Ghasan Elgeadi
Tarek ElHawala
Elias Elias
Iain Elliott
Lorcan Elliott
Mohamed El-Meshwawy
Asma Elmir
Robert Elrod
Mohammad El-Sharkawi
Peter Eltes
Mohammad Emar
Godwin Emeka-Ibe
David Endriga
Meric Enercan
Wietse Eppinga
Mary Kate Erdman
Alexander Eremiev
Gokhan Ergene
Tugrul ERGUN
Martin Erhard
Melissa Erickson
O. Nuri Eroglu
Anabel Euán Gutiérrez
Gisberto Evangelisti
Nathan Evaniew
Alexander Evins
Alex Evsukov
Sharon Eylon
Ali Ezzati
Hedi Ezzine
Amr Fahmy
Mohammed Faizan
Asdrubal Falavigna
Cesare Faldini
Nader Fallah
Luigi Falzetti
XiaoHong Fan
Mohammad Fanid
Amir Faraji
Rita Faria
Alessia Farneti
Dominic Farronato
Francisco Fasano
Kolsi Fatma
Amanda Faust
Jennifer Fayad
Ethan Faye
Iain Feeley
Jie Fei
Tamas Fekete
Brox Felix
David Felzensztein
Robin Fencel
Justyna Fercho
Bryan Ferguson
Stephen Ferguson
Borja Ferrandez Pujante
Marcello Ferraro
Alikhan Fidai
Jiří Fiedler
Michael Fields
Jorge Figueras
Egor Filatov
Alexandra Filippova
Anna Filley
Joel Finkelstein
Sliti Firas
Thies Fischer
Patrick Fitzgerald
Alessandro Fiumefreddo
Douglas Fletcher
Cristian Flores Ferrada
Edward Floyd
Alexandre Fogaça Cristante
Jessa Fogel
Jeremy Fogelson
Matthew Follett
Santiago Formaggin
Blake Formanek
Matteo Formica
Angelo Fragkakis
Tobias Franiel
Christian Fras
Sebastian Fras
Torsten Fras
Alessandro Frati
Ariana Frederick
Inês Freire
Anthony Frempong-Boadu
Georgina Frere
Zoe Fresquez
Yevgeniy Freyvert
Cornelius Fritzsche
Shau-Huai Fu
Patricia Fucs
Boris Fuentealba
Jerry Fuh
Katsunori Fukutake
Kira Furie
Hayato Futakawa
Manojkumar Gaddikeri
Akshaya Gadekar
Ghassen Gader
Pravesh Gadjradj
Jessica Gaff
Roxanne Gal
Michael Galgano
Daniel Gallagher
João Gamelas
Diego Garbossa
Jorge Garcés Gallardo
Vicente García
Ana Marìa García Gómez
Isaac Garcia Guajardo
Carla García-Ramos
Maria Garcia-Rueda
Ignacio Gabriel Garfinkel
Nicoletta Gargiuoli
Michael Garneau
Jonathon Garrett
Alessandro Gasbarrini
Mathilde GAUME
Roberto Gazzeri
Florian Gebhard
Yaroslav Gelfand
Albert Gellert
Guelec Gelo
Ukyo Gen
David Gendelberg
Julian Gendreau
Eric Geng
Osterhoff Georg
Miltiadis Georgiopoulos
Lovisa Gerdhem
Niccole Germscheid
Moleca Ghannam
Mohamed Amine Gharbi
Mohamed Hedi Gharbi
Aref-Ali Gharooni
Hayek Ghassan
Khalil Ghedira
Giulia Ghisellini
Adnan Ghori
Alexander Gibson
José Luis Gil Salú
Michelle Gilbert
Zachary Gilbert
Griffin Gilmore
Michael Louis Gimenez
Maria Camila Giraldo Bernal
Alderico Girão Campos de Barros
Federico Girardi
Nikolaos Gkantsinikoudis
Natalie Glass
Andrew Glennie
David Gloystein
Alagan Gnanam
Nishat Goda
Erica Godinho Menezes
Rodrigo Goes
Halil Gok
Ziya Gokaslan
Bahadir Gokcen
Jacob Goldberg
Jake Goldberg
Samuel Goldman
Tony Goldschlager
Rodolfo Gomes Dias
Renato Gondar
Josh Gonzalez
Gamaliel Gonzalez Atencio
Marta González Pombo
Helberth González-Rico
Libby Gooda
Andrea Goodwin
George Gorgy
Alberto Gotfryd
Anirudh Gowd
Sibylle Grad
Cynthia Green
Ib Green Petersen
Marc Greenberg
Cristiana Griffoni
Hans Grohs
Olivier Groot
Eric Gruenberger
Jovana Grupkovic
YuTong Gu
Qing Guan
Andrew Wu Guan Ru
Skander Guediche
Gelo Guelec
Nadya Guellil
Alejandro Guerrero
Marco Guevara
Daipayan Guha
André Guimarães
Jeremy Guinn
Alfredo Guiroy
Trevor Gulbrandsen
Salih Gülşen
Dennis Günes
Anuj Gupta
Arjun Gupta
Rishabh Gupta
Sachin Gupta
Gokhan Gurkan
Kevin Gurr
Ali Güven
Jisoo Ha
Joong-Won Ha
Daniel Habbal
Piet Habbel
Khalil Habboubi
Nermine Habib
Sonja Häckel
Khaled Hadhri
Maher Hadhri
Mohamed Amine Hadj Taieb
Dexter Hadley
Henryk Haffer
Yong Hai
Saeda Haj
Aline J Hakbijl
Shahnawaz Haleem
Hamilton Hall
James Hall
Dennis Hallager
James Hallinan
Dae-Woong Ham
Mousa Hamad
Ali Hamade
Vache Hambardzumyan
Thamer Hamdan
Quentin Hamel
Waeel Hamouda
Bo Han
Chaofan Han
Yi Xin Han
Ahmed Hanafy
Thomas Hanks
Biswadjiet Harhangi
Balaji Harinathan
Dimitar Haritonov
Jacob Harris
Roger Hartl
Mohd Hezery Harun
Asala Hasani
Daniel Haschtmann
Kazuhiro Hasegawa
Keiji Hasegawa
Jason Haselhuhn
Ayaka Hashimoto
Sohaib Hashmi
Ercan Hassa
Fthimnir Hassan
Ghazwan Hassan
Khaled Hassan
Mohammed Hassan
Mohamed Hassanin
Anja Hauser
Chikara Hayakawa
Yukinori Hayashi
Junbo He
Xue-Wei He
Zhongyuan He
Jeremy Heard
Wong Hee Kit
Sajan Hegde
Ilkka Helenius
Johann Henckel
Nathan Hendrickson
Frank Heppner
Gilmar Hernández
Nikša Hero
Mario Herrera Méndez
Eric Herring
Oded Hershkovich
Jan Herzog
Ryan Hess
Eduardo Hevia
Denni Hey
Cas Hilke
Alexander Himstead
Daniel Hind
Cannon Hiranaka
Takshi Hirase
Miguel Hirschfeld
Henry Hoang
Harrison Hockenberry
Eric Hoebink
Ryan Hoel
David Hoey
Zoltan Hoffer
Christoph Hoffmann
Christian Hohaus
Fernando Holc
Troy Holden
Paul Holman
Kenneth Holton
Jelle Homans
Emanuel Homem
Kaori Guadalupe Honda Partida
Da Hoon Hong
Jae-Young Hong
Terry Teo Hong Lee
László Horváth
Yushi Hoshino
Allard Hosman
Sk Sader Hossain
Richard Hostin
Michiel Houben
Chahed Houssem eddine
Gabrielle Hovis
Andrew Howard
Mark Hsiao
Hsiang-Chieh Hsieh
Patrick Hsieh
Chien-Jen Hsu
Chih-Sheng Hsu
Feng-Ming Hsu
Zachary Hsu
Ming-Hsiao Hu
Xueyu Hu
Angela Huang
Chengyi Huang
Chi-Ching Huang
Chuan-Ching Huang
Jeremy Huang
Po-Hao Huang
Tsung-Jen Huang
Wei-Hsun Huang
Yilun Huang
Peter Hudak
Paul Huddleston
Eline Huele
William Huffman
Alexander Hughes
Aaron Hui
Haseeb Hussain
Ahmedh Hussein
Jin-Ho Hwang
Zion Hwang
Alicia Hymel
Chung-Su Hyun
Marco Ialuna
Claudia Ibarra Calisto
Mahmoud Ibrahim
Adhi Prayoga Ida Bagus
Gbolabo Babajide Idowu-Deifa
Irene Iglesias Lozano
Dominika Ignasiak
Takahiro Iizuka
Ryousuke Ikeda
Hiroki Ikuchi
Chibuikem Ikwuegbuenyi
Justin Im
Yoshinori Imaizumi
Bailey Imbo
Charles Impey
Satoshi Inami
Hirokazu Inoue
Takashi Inoue
Joseph Iskander
David Israel
Eyal Itshayek
Hussam Jabri
Adam Jackson
Rachel Jaffe
Sarwar Jahan
Amit Jain
Anil K. Jain
Deeptee Jain
Pilan Jaipanya
Blessing Jaja
Kourosh Jalalpour
Gowtham Jallipalli
Pablo Jalón
Alysha Jamieson
Bruder Jan
Hyunjun Jang
Min-Gu Jang
Gianpaolo Jannelli
Esther Janssen
Filipe Jardim Rodrigues
Julio Jauregui
Fu-Shan Jaw
Tariq Jawadi
Raveen Jayasuriya
Daksh Jayaswal
Aisha Jeffers
Nessrine Jemel
Thorsten Jentzsch
Jini Jeon
MinSeung Jeong
Dezsö Jeszenszky
Jakub Jezek
Wenju Jiang
Christian Jimenez
Jose Maria Jimenez
Jose Jimenez-Almonte
Khanathip Jitpakdee
Moatassem Belleh Jlassi
Robert John
Brian Johnson
Eli Johnson
Evan Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Michael Johnson
Evan Joiner
Streikus Jonas
Sharif Ahmed Jonayed
Rachel Joujon-Roche
Patrick Jowdy
Marko Jug
Ettinger Julia
Jessica Jung
Punith K
Ingmar Kaden
Rayane Kafi
Sheila Kahwaty
Jean-Paul Kaleeta Maalu
Jalel Kallel
Sofiene Kallel
Arif Kamal
Pramod Kamalapathy
Katsuhiko Kamei
Yousef Kamel
Cherif Kamoun
Umesh P. Kanade
Velmurugan Kandasamy
Hyunwoo Kang
Arun Kanhere
Michael Kann
Tomoya Kanto
Nyssa Kantorek
Yin-Tien Kao
Stylianos Kapetanakis
Leon Kaplan
Kursat Kara
Selhan Karadereler
Ilkay Karaman
Brian Karamian
Aditya Karhade
Mohammed Karim
Nadhir Karmani
Michael Karpinsky
Vishu Karthikeyan
Ayub Karwandyar
Tokuji Kashiro
Nicolien Kasperts
Andrea Kassay
Steininger Kathrin
Sebastian Katscher
Christoph Katthagen
David Kaul
Norio Kawahara
Georgios Kazakos
Jemma Keefe
Valerie Keffala
Amey Kelkar
Theresa Keller
Ulrich Keller
Neil Kelly
Sean Kelly
Diederik Kempen
Jim Kennedy
Gun Keorochana
Cameron Kersey
Katharina Kersting
Abdul Khaleque
Souhaiel Khalfaoui
Zubair Khalid
Fady Khamis
Inamullah Khan
Mudassar Khan
Rehab Razi Khan
Ursalan Khan
Babak Khandehroo
Mohamed Khattab
Amin Kheiran
Ezzaouia Khelil
Nikita Khusainov
Patrick Kiely
Karl L. Kiening
Omer Kilicaslan
Annabel Kim
Byumsu Kim
Do Hyung Kim
Hak-Sun Kim
Ho-Joong Kim
Hong Jin Kim
Hyeun Sung Kim
Jae-Hoon Kim
Jin-Hyok Kim
Jong Tae Kim
Jung-Hoon Kim
Keun Su Kim
Kyung-Hyun Kim
Mary Kim
Michael Kim
Moon-Chan Kim
Moon-Kyu Kim
Pius Kim
Saechin Kim
Sang-Bum Kim
Seung Kim
Sunny Kim
Tae Wan Kim
Young Ha Kim
Young-Yul Kim
Atsushi Kimura
Edward King
David Kingsley
John S. Kirkpatrick
Sertac Kirnaz
Radmila Klacar
Pipat Klaewkla
LaRae Klarenbeek-Mitchell
John Kleimeyer
Istvan Klemencsics
Edda Klotz
Dmitry Klyuchnikov
Kathryn Kneale
Kristof Koch
Harry Koene
Hiroaki Koga
Justin Koh
Felix Kohler
Dmitry Kokushin
Kamil Kolejak
Paul Koljonen
Heiko Koller
Waldemar Kolodziej
Frode Kolstad
Savvas Koltsakidis
Jayme Koltsov
Miki Komatsu
Faisal Konbaz
Rok Koncnik
Douglas Kondziolka
Jatupon Kongtharvonskul
Mondher Kooli
Cene Kopač
Panagiotis Korovessis
Justinus Kösters
Vit Kotheeranurak
Robert Koucheki
Michal Krakowiak
Katie Krause
William Krauss
Irina Kremenetskaia
Magnus Krieghoff
Aishwarya Kripesh
Appaji Krishnan
Aristeidis Kritis
Carol Kruchko
Marissa Kruk
Moyo Kruyt
Jonathan Krystal
Sri Vijay Anand KS
Jerry Ku
Verapan Kuansongtham
Yoshifumi Kudo
Titus Kuehlein
Harmen Kuijten
Barath Kumar
Happy Kumar
Laranya Kumar
Pranav Kumar
Rakesh Kumar
Senthil Kumar
Vardham Kumar
Vishal Kumar
Kishor Kunal
Roberta Kungulli
Cathleen Kuo
Tesfaladet Kurban
Kristina Kurker
Shekar N. Kurpad
Joshua Kurtz
Kenny Yat Hong Kwan
Kevin Kwan
Brian Kwon
Ji Won Kwon
Ohsang Kwon
Ohsang Kwon
Giovanni Andrea La Maida
Luca La Verde
Sinda Laafif
Collin Labak
Lawal Labaran
Renaud Lafage
Mathieu Laflamme
Pedram Laghaei Farimani
Brian Lahr
Christopher Lai
Yen-Ting Lai
Zhengqiong Lai
Nikita Lakomkin
Chor Yin Lam
Khai Lam
Dominic Lambo
Mark Lambrechts
Suman Lamichhane
Mouldi Lamouchi
Felipe Jose Lanari Zubiaur
Nuno Lança
Justin Langro
Nina Lara
Jeremie Larouche
Kajetan Latka
Darryl Lau
Ilya Laufer
Raj Lavadi
alexandre lave
Leonardo Laverde
Frederic Lavoie
Charles Lawall
Brandon Lawrence
Vivian Le
Jean Charles Le Huec
David Lebel
Jordan Lebovic
Mario Lecce
Byung Ho Lee
Cheng-Hung Lee
Ching-Yu Lee
Dong-Chan Lee
Ho-Jin Lee
Hsin-Lun Lee
Jennifer Lee
Nathan Lee
Sangmin Lee
Sean Lee
Victor Lee
Yen-Lou Lee
Yong Ho Lee
Young Bin Lee
Yunsoo Lee
Jan Lehovsky
Samantha Leide
Alexandre Leite Rodrigues de Oliveira
Carolina Luísa Lemos
João Francisco Lemos
Paul Lender
Pavlina Lenga
Amine Lengliz
Mario Lenza
Julian Leong
Olavo Biraghi Letaif
David Levin
Hannah Levy
Kai Uwe Lewandrowski
Johnathan Lex
Chiruei Li
Liang Li
Panpan Li
Rui-Jin Li
Sandy Li
Zhao Li
Weishi Liang
Min-Tsun Liao
Paul Licina
Carlos Lijo
Ulf Liljenqvist
Jungwook Lim
Kang Kai Lim
Kia Teng Lim
Shermane Lim
Teck Siang Lim
Worawat Limthongkul
Hannah Lin
Jasmine Lin
Qi-Ying Lin
Shuxun Lin
Wei-Hsin Lin
Yen-Po Lin
Yihang Lin
Richard Lindtner
Milan Liska
Dmytro Lituiev
Cheng-Sheng Liu
Gabriel Liu
Hao Liu
Hui Liu
Jennifer Liu
Jia Liu
Tie Liu
Wing-kin Liu
Yanting Liu
Yuzeng Liu
Ziyang Liu
Sheng-Fu L. Lo
Moritz Lodde
Jan Lodin
Markus Loibl
Joseph Lombardi
Alessandro Longo
Wee Lim Loo
Alexander Lopez
Tiago Lorga
Raphael Lotan
Si-Qi Lu
Yu-Jen Lu
Daniel Lubelski
Taryn Ludwig
Julian Lugo-Pico
Darren Lui
Ana Luís
Ana Luís
Jeffrey Luna
Deqing Luo
Emily Luo
Zhuojing Luo
Cristina Lupu
Danny Lynch
Raveendran M
Sasidharan M D S
Benjiang Ma
Junxuan Ma
Kais Maamri
Christopher Maatouk
Bruna Maccaferri
Sara Machado Neves
Mark Maclean
Sirisha Madhu
Humberto Madrinan-Navia
Gianluca Maestretti
Cristiano Magalhães Menezes
Luigi Magnano
Ioannis Magras
Saiffedine Mahjoubi
Sukanta Maitra
Meerab Majeed
Hassen Makhlouf
Hiroto Makino
Andrew Makmur
James Malcolm
Armaan Malhotra
Sultan Malik
Matan Malka
Anahita Malvea
Niccolo Mamba
Krishna Mandalia
Vishal Mandlewala
Juan Mandujano-Sanchez
Akash Mane
John Mangan
Sai Mannam
Srikrishnaditya Manne
Georgios Manolarakis
Kistler Manuel
Paul Albert Manuel
Marco Manzetti
Mark Maranon
Gerard Marciano
Raphael Marcon
Ali Mardashti
Nicola Marengo
Michelle Marino
Gonzalo Mariscal
Jonathan Markowitz
Majd Marrache
Omar Marroquin
Allan Martin
Ryan Martin
Ezequiel Martinez
Oscar Martinez
Julia Martins de Oliveira
Laura Marucci
Hiroshi Maruyama
Sofiane Masmoudi
Armando Massara
Eric Massicotte
Masayuki Masubuchi
Giuseppina Laura Masucci
Monica Steffi Matchado
Justin Mathew
Amanda Mathies
Francois Mathieu
Seishi Matsui
Satoko Matsumoto Harmon
Toshihiko Matsumura
Shuhei Matsuoka
Yukihiro Matsuyama
Javier Matta
Woiczinski Matthias
Erika Maude
Christoph Maurer
Rohit Mauria
Rohit Mauria
Bonk Maximilian-Niklas
Bernhard Mayer
Lucas Mayer
Rafael Maza Barbosa
Aditya Mazmudar
Kellsa Mbah-Feng
Ryland McDermott
Conor McDonnell
Jake McDonnell
Judy Mcdonough
Kimberly McFarland
Matthew McGinty
James McGrory
Gerald McGwin
Greg McIntosh
Lydia McKeithan
Robin McManus
Mark McVey
Andrew Mecum
Branden Medary
Jorge Medina
Luis Medina
Antonia Medrow
Meddeb Mehdi
Sanket Mehta
Yash Mehta
Hans-Jörg Meisel
Pablo Mendivil
Cristiano Menezes
Samuel Merhom
Kevin Mertz
David Mesa Collantes
Addisu Mesfin
Mohamed Mesregah
Mondher Mestiri
Robert Meves
Bernhard Meyer
Hanno S. Meyer
Lea Meyer
Antony Michael
Kreinest Michael
Magnus Michaelis
Karl Michaëlsson
Grzegorz Miekisiak
Mulati Mieradil
Filippo Migliorini
Jake Albert Miguel
Tokumitsu Mihara
Aleksander Mika
Christopher Mikhail
Anthony Mikula
Evan Miller
Emily Mills
Akio Minami
Wang Minghao
Pawan Minhas
Jamshaid Mir
Nikolay Mirchev
Vincent Miseo
Adi Mithani
Tetsuryu Mitsuyama
Alyssa Mixon
Milos Mladenovic
Jayprakash Modi
Ali Moghaddamjou
Germán Mogollón
Ghorbel Mohamed
Jlidi Mohamed
Ziad Mohamed
Nessib Mohamed Nabil
Fadzrul Abbas Mohamed Ramlee
Ramkumar Mohan
Sarthak Mohanty
Luiz Felippe Mokdeci Martins de Oliveira
Luis Antônio Moliterno
Hans Möller
Granit Molliqaj
Sean Molloy
Sophie Mondini
Mario Monsalve Huamanga
Sara Montanari
Ayachi Montassar
Carlos Montero-Silva
Kang Suk Moon
Seong-Hwan Moon
Don Moore
Jeremiah Morales
Luis Carlos Morales Saenz
Jorge Morales- del Angel
Barry Moran
Diogo Morgado
Hiroshi Moridaira
Masatoshi Morimoto
Seamus Morris
Cole Morrissette
Evan Mostafa
Stefan Motov
Andres Motta-Amar
Felipe Mourao
Oliver Mowforth
Hamisi Mraja
Ahmed Msakni
Benjamin Mueller
Maximilian Muellner
Usama Muhammad
Sander Muijs
Subhas Mukhopadhyay
Jonas Müller
Muzammil Mumtaz
Jeffrey Mun
Luis Miguel Munguia Leon
Tatyana Murashko
Gorkem Muratoglu
Saikiran Murthy
Chandhan Murugan
Ayhan Mutlu
Khin Myat Lwin
Umair Nadeem
Akihiro Nagamachi
Hideki Nagashima
Skylar Nahi
Baghdedi Nahla
Ashish Naik
Elie Najjar
Yak Nak
Kazumasa Nakamura
Rodrigo Nakao
Yunjin Nam
Zeina Nasser
Angelo Nataloni
Andrew Nataraj
Fernanda Andrea Navarro
Rodrigo Navarro-Ramirez
Md Nawaz
Sharon Miracle Nayagam
Shyamasunder Bhat Neerkaje
Corey Neff
Mouadh Nefiss
Oleksii Nekhlopochyn
Simona Neri
Petr Nesnídal
Nessrine Nessib
Pedro Neves
Emily Newell
Nicholas Newman
Julia Ng
Zhi Xu Ng
Andrew Nguyen
Annee Nguyen
Joseph Nguyen
Tran Canh Tung Nguyen
Hui Nian
Fred Nicholls
Christopher J. Nielsen
Menco Niemeyer
Melina Nieminen-Kelhä
Raluca Niesner
Carlos Mariano Nirino
Nitzan Nissimov
Vitaliano Nizzoli
Pramod NK
Jacques Noel
Catarina Nogueira
Kellen Nold
MH Hilali Noordeen
Paul Norman
Rob North
Sergio Alejandro Nossa
Uros Novakovic
Nicholas Nucci
Mark Nyanzu
Alexander O'Brien
Polina Ochirova
Thomas Ocker
Bailey O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor
Jan-Erik Ode
Eric Oermann
Lisa Oezel
Tadhg O'Gara
Takayuki Ogawa
Paul Ogink
Michael Oh
Samuel Oh
Acke Ohlin
Søren Ohrt-Nissen
Kohei Ohta
Rintaro Okada
Ichiro Okano
Regis O'keefe
Kamil Okroj
Koichiro Okuyama
Tomasz Olbrycht
Pichkur Oleksandr
Zolotoverkh Oleksandr
António Oliveira
Joao Oliveira
Jose Alberto Oliveira
Nuno Oliveira
Vânia Oliveira
Lucas Olivier
Michael Olufawo
Sandra O'Malley
Cumhur Oner
Cumhur Oner
Julia Onken
Lindsay Orosz
Jorge Ortega Espino
Carlos Ortiz-Babilonia
Joseph Osorio
Brittany Oster
Quinn Ostrom
Babatunde A. Osundina
Kaiji Ota
Masahiro Ota
John O'Toole
Youheng Ou Yang
Jean Ouellet
ben mohamed oussama
Ben Mohamed Oussema
Edwin Owolo
Stephane owusu-saprong
Sarah Oyadomari
Anthony Oyekan
Rafet Ozay
Cagatay Ozturk
Donato Pacione
Markian Pahuta
Madhava Pai
Saran pairuchvej
Gabriella Paisan
Marco Palanca
Aixin Pan
Aixing Pan
Chien-Chou Pan
Yu-Tine Pan
Ripul Panchal
Naveen Pandita
Jwo-Luen Pao
azzurra paolucci
Nikolaos Papadakos
Elias Papadopoulos
Ioannis Papaioannou
Gergő Papp
Jerome Paquet
Scott Paquette
Bikash Parajuli
Samrat Parajuli
Henry Parent
rohan parihar
Hyung Youl Park
Jeong Yoon Park
Jiwon Park
Jong-Beom Park
Seong Chul Park
Si Young Park
Sung Cheol Park
Yung Park
Ann M. Parr
Gregory Paschal
Philip Paschal
Taylor Paskey
Aneesh Patankar
Atharv Patankar
Kishan Patel
Mohit Patel
Neal Patel
Pavan Patel
Shalin Patel
Tushar Patel
Viral Patel
Sanath Patil
Tushar Patil
Sushil Paudel
John Paulik
Jure Pavesic
Orlin Pavlov
Maria Pavlova
Harish Pawar
Konstantinos Pazarlis
Taylor Paziuk
Tyler Pease
Yurii Pedachenko
João Pedro
Raissa Pedroso
Tuna Pehlivanoglu
J.D. Peiffer
Przemyslaw Pekala
Marco Pellegrini
Ali Farhan Pendaliday
Kuang-Ping Peng
Tzu Chiang Peng
Federica Penner
Brenton Pennicooke
Jacquelyn Pennings
Zachary Pennington
Torsten Peppig
Elisabetta Peppucci
Alexander Perdomo-Pantoja
Catarina Pereira
Erlick Pereira
Nathalia Adelina Pereira
Jeasson Perez
Tess Perez
Sajeeshkumar Perikamana
Jamila Alessandra Perini
Anabelle Permutt
Donata Rita Peroni
Alessandro Pesaresi
Nicholas Peterman
Graysen Petersen-Fitts
Asa Peterson
Thomas Peterson
Zoey Petitt
Salvatore Petrone
Felix Peuker
Wilco Peul
Josh Pezzulo
Martin Pham
Philippe Phan
Krauss Philipp
Frank Phillips
Trevor Pickering
Robert-Jan Pierik
Noah Pierzchajlo
Andres Felipe Pineda-Martínez
Cristian Yiovanny Pinzón Largo
Amit Piple
Sérgio Pita
Yogesh Pithwa
Howard Place
Andrew Platt
Spyros Pneumaticos
Emily Poehlein
Kornelis Poelstra
Rohit Pokharel
Agoston Jakab Pokorni
Evan Polsky
Noa Ponds
Krit Pongpirul
Rodrigo Pons Belmonte
Keyuri Popat
Eugen Cezar Popescu
irene portonero
Marcel Post
Mareille Post
Marc Prablek
Álvaro Prada Vega
Isabel Prado
Pratikkumar Prajapati
Ravi Prakash
Steven Presciutti
Mackenzie Price
Meghan Price
Are Pripp
Panagiotis Prodromou
Drazen Prsa
Gangadhara Prusty
Dimitra Psalla
Dmitry Ptashnikov
Alex Pu
Caroline Purtill
Yuvaraj Purushothaman
Varun Puvanesarajah
Qudratallah Qadiri
Yun Qing
Theophilus Qiu
Yong Qiu
Emanuele Quarto
Ayesha Quddusi
Carolyna Quiles-Luna
Javier Quillo-Olvera
Javier Quillo-Reséndiz
Guisela Quinteros Rivas
Nasir Quraishi
Sunmathi R
Micheal Raad
Nimrod Rahamimov
Sangram Rajale
Sangram Rajale
Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran
Asylkhan Rakhymzan
Karthik Ramachandran
Vivek Ramakrishna
Serio Ramirez Aragon
Miguel Angel Ramirez Sosa
Raja Rampersaud
Khuzaima Rangwalla
Gyan Ranjan
Gilbert Ranoa
Michael Raschke
Fabrizio Rasile
Jon Raso
Parham Rasoulinejad
Tushar Rathod
Sameer Rathore
Spencer Raub
Laura Raus
Taylor Reardon
alma rechav ben natan
Harith Reddy
Yash Reddy
Yashas Reddy
Max Reijman
Andres Reinoso
João Reis
Prebet Rémi
Mark Ren
John Renehan
Jeroen Renkens
Thomas Repantis
Mathew Resnick
Grant Reviere
Andre Rex
Yasmin Reyal
Alejandro Reyes-Sánchez
Eduardo Reyna Martinez
Laurence Rhines
Hend Riahi
Ana Ribau
Melanie Ribau da Costa
Gustavo Ribeiro
Hugo Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro da Cunha
Raquel Ricardo
Daniel Oscar Ricciardi
Mary Richardson
Sarah Richner-Wunderlin
Dominic Ridolfi
Anna C. Rienmüller
Oliver Riesenbeck
Ron Riesenburger
Mathieu Riffault
Orlando Righesso
alberto rinaldi
Jesús Riqué Dormido
Joshua Rivera
William M Riveros
Maroun Rizkallah
Mouna Rkhami
David Roberge
Jerry Robinson
Marcos Joaquin Robles ORtiz
Diogo Rocha Carvalho
Alon Rod
Cláudia Rodrigues
Joana Rodrigues
Luciano Rodrigues
Luiz Claudio Rodrigues
Renan Jose Rodrigues Fernandes
Daniel Rodriguez
Francisco Rodríguez Peña
Ezequel Rodriguez-Talavera
Michael Rogers
Valentin Rokavec
Natalia Rolack
Joseph Romano
Andrew Romero
Lyanne Romero Valverde
Stefano Romoli
Marton Ronai
Luis Miguel Rosales Olivarez
Peter Rose
Weston Ross
Ayane Rossano
Steffen Roßlenbroich
Anna Rostedt Punga
Dana Rowe
Andrea Rowland
David Ruderman
Alberto Ruffilli
Nicco Ruggiero
Marco Ruini
Miguel Ruiz Cardozo
Milton Inocencio Ruiz Flores
Joost Rutges
Fred Ruythooren
Jessica Ryvlin
Aziz Saade
Javier M Saavedra
Tatiana Saavedra
Silviu Sabou
Seyed Emadaldin Sadat
Said Sadiqi
Priyanshu Saha
Fikret Şahintürk
samir sakka
Zaid Salaheen
Safwat binte Salam
Pooria Salari
Philipp Salmen
Andrew Sama
Tanmaya Sambare
Martin Sameš
Ignacio Sampera
Joshua Sanchez
Leonardo Sanchez
Francisco J. Sanchez Perez-Grueso
Pablo Sanchez Quinones
Felipe Sanchez Ribeiro
Arne Sandberg
Bengt Sandén
Tyler Sang
Christian Sangio
Eric Sankey
Tunay Sanli
Michele Santacatterina
Nancy Santesso
André Santos Moreira
Martha Cecilia Santos-Barros
Borja Sanz
Zoltán Sápi
Eilat Sapirstein
Neil Saran
Juan Pablo Sardi
Michele Sarin
Mohamed Sarraj
Alexandra Satanovsky
Dmitriy Savin
Hideaki Sawamura
Kaustubh Sawant
Murat Sayin
Karl Schaller
Eric Schaum
Philipp Schenk
Max Scheyerer
Nikos Schizas
Adam Schlauch
Abraham Schlauderaff
Tom Schlosser
Sebastian Schmeil
Michael Schmitz
Gregory Schneider
Marc Schneider
Beáta Scholtz
Thomas Schuler
Sebastian Schulz
James Schuster
Konrad Schütze
Joseph Schwab
Daniel Sciubba
Ian Scivill
Lucas Seabra Fernandes
Ismael Seanez
Jonathan Seavey
Ramón Segovia
Mattia Seida
João Seixas
Shoji Seki
Huseyin Selcuk
Ganesh Selvaraj
Samya Senan
Sahin Senay
Alpaslan Senkoylu
Henry Hojoon Seo
Josef Sepitka
Sara Sequeira
Olga Sergeenko
Vissarionov Sergey
Tiziano Serra
Meetrra Seyher
Ugur Sezerman
Hamisi Shabani
Saman Shabani
Soroush Shabani
Taylor Shackleford
Roozbeh Shafafy
Nihar Shah
Romil Shah
Farah Shahin
Shane Shahrestani
Hania Shahzad
Husain Shakil
Saktthi Shanmuganathan
Zach Sharfman
Sagar Sharma
Sunjay Sharma
Vivek Sharma
Ahmed Shawan
Graham Shea
Daniel Shedid
Niloufar Shekouhi
Tara Shelby
Tara Shelby
Jesse Shen
Liang Shen
Yi-Wei Shen
Yong Shen
Weibin Sheng
Brandon Sherrod
Ali Shetaiwi
Umang Sheth
Sunny Shethna
Xin Shi
Ehab Shiban
Cheng-Min Shih
Hyeong-Ki Shim
Tomoaki Shimizu
John Shin
Woo-jin Shin
Naoki Shinohara
Chikako Shinozaki
Bilal Shoumar
Mootaz Shousha
Dinesh Shree Kumar
Jun Shu
Jennifer Shue
Fawaz Siddiqi
Nicholas Siegel
Francesco Signorelli
Breana Siljander
Zacharia Silk
João Luis Silva
Edilson Silva Machado
Matthew Simhon
Ricardo Simoes
Ane Simony
Ankit Singh
Devender Singh
Gurmit Singh
Rohin Singh
Som Singh
Supriya Singh
Weerasak Singhatanadgige
Christos Siopis
Jakub Sipos
Jiri Skala-Rosenbaum
John Skinner
Meryam Slama
Abdelhafidh Slimane
Ievgenii Slynko
John Small
Aaron Smith
Ryan Smith
Maarten Smits
David Smolar
Jaeyoung So
Fabiano Soares
Luís Soares
João Soares do Vale
Tomasz Sobolewski
Ellen Soffin
Jaewan Soh
Reuben Soh
Gbolabo Sokunbi
Samantha Solaru
Mohamed Soliman
Eric Solomon
Saul Solorio Pineda
Sydney Somers
Teresa Somma
Fabian Sommer
Håvard Sommernes
Seung Min Son
Erkin Sönmez
Paul Soriano
Alex Soroceanu
Freddi Soto-Guzmán
zohra souei
Khadija Soufi
Arnaldo Sousa
Diogo Sousa
Jose Miguel Sousa
Ricardo Sousa
Rita Sousa
Bianca Sousa Barros
Amine Soussou
Jacob Sperber
Ulrich Spiegl
Ryan Spiker
Nicholas Spina
Roberto Spnelli
Henley Spracklen
Sarup Sridharan
Parishkrita Srivastava
Sudhir Srivastava
Sushant Srivastava
Agnita Stadhouder
Martin Stangenberg
Eloise Stanton
Rourke Stay
Priscilla Stecher
Motov Stefan
Naydenova Stefania
Anthony Steinle
Bastian Stemmer
Stephen Stephan
Nicholas Storlie
Brittany Stott
John Stout
G.J. Streekstra
John T. Street
Brandon Striano
Russell Strom
Jan Štulík
Chih-Chi Su
Kota Suda
Seung Woo Suh
Wenyuan Sui
Kyung-Soo Suk
Se-Il Suk
Jung Hoon Sul
Thomas Sullivan
Chuxuan Sun
Jarle Sundseth
Tolga Sursal
Dávid Süvegh
Kayo Suzuki
Amit Syal
Aneesh Syal
David Sykes
Julia Szita
Tomasz Szmuda
Balazs Szollosi
Caroline Taber
Abrahan Alfonso Tafur Grandett
Khaled Taghlabi
Nima Taheri
Geno Tai
Satoshi Takada
Hiroshi Takahashi
Tetsuro TAKAI
Chikako Takeda
Katsushi Takeshita
Chor Ngee Tan
Ek Tsoon Tan
Jiong Hao Tan
Gamaliel Tan Yu Heng
Yasuhisa Tanaka
Alan Tang
Alex Tang
Kevin Tang
Yunting Tang
Chitraa Tangavel
Soji Tani
Shinji Tanishima
Chakkraphan Tantrakansakun
Francesca Taraballi
Bilal Tarabay
Shangeetha Tarmalinggam
Fulvio Tartara
Mirad Taso
Dominik Taterra
Claudio Tatsui
Joana Tavares
Renato Tavares
Celeste Tavolaro
Anis Tebourbi
Eric Tecce
Giuseppe Tedesco
Jin Tee
William Teixeira
Victor Tejerina
Gene Tekmyster
Sagar Telang
Stefano Telera
Ondřej Teplý
Valerie ter Wengel
Jan Terč
Wim Terpstra
Dimitrios Teslios
Enrico Tessitore
Saskia Teunissen
Ramachandra Theja
Andrew Thomas
Ken Thomas
Zach Thomas
Alexandra Thomson
Cameron Thomson
Michaela Thomson
Patrick Thornley
Pradeep Thumbika
Marcus TImlin
Hau-Ju Ting
Kung Lung Tiong
Antonio Tirado
Nikhil Tiwari
Gregory Toci
Riccardo Tognato
Martina Tognini
Rui Xiang Toh
Andrew Tokarski
Mehmet Tokgoz
Vaclav Tolar
Adetunji Toluse
Ali Toma
Krzysztof Tomaszewski
Andy Ton
Jay Toor
Matevž Topolovec
Pedro Torres
Jorge Torres-Mancera
haifa tounssi
Tomoaki Toyone
Khoa Tran
Thi Phuoc Yen Tran
matteo traversari
Delano Trenchfield
Peter Tretiakov
Gabriel Trevino Verastegui
Amine Trifa
Sundershan Triparthi
Sudharshan Tripathi
Alexander Tristancho
Benedikt Trnovec
Van Tri Truong
Cheng-Chen Tsai
Pei-I Tsai
Tsung-Ting Tsai
Emily Tsang
Ting-En Tseng
Eleftherios Tsiridis
koutaro tsuchiya
Iaroslav Tsymbaliuk
Goran Tulic
Kuan Kai Tung
Sule Turgut Balci
Henry Turner
Ivan Tyumi
Olga Tyumina
Dimitrios Tzetzis
Peter Udby
Haruki Ueda
Christian Uhl
Ihsan Ullah
Bernhard Ullrich
Jana Ulrich
Onur Levent ULUSOY
Victor Ungurean
Andreas W. Unterberg
Mark Unthan
Alok Uppar
Clauio Mauricio Uribe Alpizar
Jennifer Urquhart
Francesco Ursini
Hiroki Ushirozako
Muhammad Usman
Atiq Uz Zaman
Konstantin Uzuno
Mukta Vadhva
Sergio Vaggi
Peter Vajkoczy
Mário Vale Campos
Marc Valera Mele
Daniele Valsecchi
Henk van de Meent
Marc van de Ree
J.C. Van den Noort
Joanne van der Velden
Tijn van Diermen
Jan van Ditshuizen
Nicholas Van Halm-Lutterodt
Joost van Middendorp
J. Van Schuppen
Nicole van Steijn
Job van Susante
panapol varakornpipat
Pedro Varanda
Emil Varas-Rodriguez
Kristian Varga
Peter Pal Varga
Andres Vargas
Maria Vargas-Osorio
Shyni Varghese
Toure Vashon
Milos Vasic
Sohrab Vatsia
Wilson Vaughan
Kya Vaughn
Frank Vazquez
Poorna Veerappa
Balamurugan Vellayappan
Vadim Verbov
Timon Vercoulen
Pieter-Paul A. Vergroesen
Joost Verhoeff
Lenny Verkooijen
Andrea Veroni
Thomas Vestergaard
Emiliano Vialle
Justin Vickery
Lennart Viezens
Alba Vila-Casademunt
Hugo Vilchis Samano
Santiago Vildoza
Mathew Vincent
Árpád Viola
Shaleen Vira
Justin Virojanapa
Giovanni Viroli
Vibhu Krishnan Viswanathan
Fabio Vita
Michael Vitale
Federico Vitali
Mariano Vitelli
Nicole Vivelo
Carmen Vleggeert-Lankamp
Alex Volkmar
Francesco Vommaro
Caroline von Bassenheim
Milan Vorodi
Igor Voronov
Matjaz Vorsic
Dragana Vracevic
Akihito Wada
William Waddell
Aboubacar Wague
Romaric Waguia Kouam
Lilly Waldmann
Balti Walid
Kyle Walsh
Sandy Walter
Beiyu Wang
Benjamin Wang
Carol Wang
Chen-Yu Wang
Jasmine Wang
Jennifer Wang
Jianqiang Wang
Po-Yao Wang
Yan Wang
Yinglan Wang
Yu Wang
Zhe Wang
Zhi Wang
Zhihua Wang
Ali Warraich
Kanthika Wasinpongwanich
Benjeddou Wassim
Kenta Watanabe
Kota Watanabe
Francois Waterkeyn
Michael Weber
Simon Weil
Daniel Weiner-Kalish
Giulio Wembagher
Bright Wiafe
Olindi Wijesekera
Karel Willems
Paul Willems
Jaques Williams
Tyler Williamson
Fenella Willis
Jamie Wilson
Jefferson Wilson
Kielan Wilson
Jalen Winfield
Timothy F. Witham
Christopher Witiw
Christina Wolfert
Böcker Wolfgang
Böcker Wolfgang
Colby Wollenman
Nienke Wolterbeek
Joshua Wong
Tze Hong Wong
Yat Wa Wong
Timothy Woodacre
Ferdinand Wriedt
Chih-ying Wu
Christopher Wu
Hao Hua Wu
Jia-Jun Wu
Ping-Hsiu Wu
Tingkui Wu
Tingkui Wu
Victor Wu
Xiang Wu
Yabin Wu
Yun-Che Wu
Guy Wynne-Joes
Jorden Xavier
Zhuo Xi
Fu-Ren Xiao
Fang Xie
Yizhou Xie
Amy Xu
Tao Xu
Xu-Chu Xu
Yulun Xu
Sandeep Yadav
Tugay Yagci
Alexander Yahanda
Pinar Yalinay Dikmen
Goutham Yalla
Jonathan Yamaguchi
Karissa Yamaguchi
Roberta Yamaguchi
Ryo Yamamura
Tarek Yamout
Yoshikazu Yanagisawa
Andrew Yang
Cassie Yang
Chenlong Yang
Chenyi Yang
Cylene Yang
Honghao Yang
Jae Ho Yang
Jae Hyuk Yang
Jincai Yang
Jingfan Yang
Jiun-Jen Yang
Ju chul Yang
Juin-Jen Yang
Junlin Yang
Rong-Sen Yang
Shu-Hua Yang
Yi Yang
Fenfen Yao
Aliekber Yapar
Oleksandr Yaresko
Semih Yas
Froher Yasin
Reza Yassari
Bel Mabrouk Yassin
Taketoshi Yasuda
YH Yau
Yasemin Yavuz
Ivan Ye
Ziyang Ye
Albert Yee
Yu-Cheng Yeh
Hung-Kuan Yen
Mao-Hsu Yen
Cem Yılmaz
Peng Yin
Wicharn Yingsakmongkol
Christopher Yip
Narayan Yoganandan
Sun Joon Yoo
Jang Yoon
Brandon Yoshida
Masaki Yoshida
Mark Young
Manaf Younis
Salma Youssef
Jeremy Yu
Yang Yu
Altug Yucekul
Sung-Joo Yuh
Derek Yull
Ratko Yurac
Rami Yuser
Nikita Zaborovskii
Tanner Zachem
Slavisa Zagorac
Boudouara Zaher
Mohamed Zairi
Alaa Zakout
Ihsen Zammel
Andrea Zanirato
Baron Zarate-Kalfopulos
Mohammad Zarrabian
William Zarza Santos
Caroline Zaworski
Mohamed Zayan
William Zelenty
Ahmed zendeoui
francesco zenga
Angie Zhang
ChangMeng Zhang
Ding Zhang
Haohan Zhang
Peng Zhang
Qiwen Zhang
Tianyuan Zhang
Yangpu Zhang
Yiqi Zhang
Gang Zhao
Lijin Zhou
Jiaqi Zhu
Xiang Zhu
Yuan-Dong ZHUANG
Piotr Zieliński
Žiga Žigman
Hester Zijlstra
Laura Zimmermann
Simone Zironi
Khaled Zitouna
Wen-Bin Zou
Mohamed Zouaghi
Tais Zulemyan
John Anker Zwart

Speakers who will provide financial disclosures on-site

First name Last name
Max Aebi
Darryl Antonacci
Markus Arand
Riccardo Cecchinato
Michael Janssen
Nestor Taboada
Claudius Thomé
Patrick Tropiano